The Profootball Academy

Hi, my name is Alan Lord and I am the founder of the profootball academy. I have been in professional football for nearly 50 years and as a player, manager, coach, chief scout, I have been privileged to work with so many people that have enabled me to gain an enormous amount of experience during that time.

So, what is the profootball academy all about?  ​Well, quite simply the profootball academy is an 'elite' football coaching and education programme  ....... with a difference. The difference being that we only want to work with aspiring and dedicated players.

We are extremely proud of both our reputation and the players that we work with. The TPFA players age ranges from 12 -19. Within that age range they are split into 2 definitive programme groups.

TPFA Coaching and Development programme for players aged 12-16 years old ...... for more information
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TPFA Full-Time Football and Education programme for players aged 16-19 years old, for more information
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We have helped to develop many players that have gone on to play in England in the Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two, Non-league and even America and Australia. Our coaching philosophy has remained consistent;

  • Spot the talented player.
  • Offer him a encouraging environment.
  • Promote development with positive mindset.
  • Set achievable targets